Dion "Suga" Davis has been playing drums for 35 years.  He has been performing as a professional drummer for over 21 years. He has studied all styles of music and have learned many different styles. He specializes in developing his own unique techniques and approaches music as a sport.  This concept pulls on feeling the music and complimenting the band members with a groove pocket and tasteful fills. Dion's humble spirit has allowed him to adapt his style of playing to any studio session or live concert by complimenting music with soulful beats and powerful rhythms. Dion has incorporated the best parts of R&B, Funk, Blues, Rock, Jazz, Latin, Country, Reggae and Gospel into his style. He has played for numerous artists both local and National mainstream including:  Sesil J' "The Protege of Marvin Gaye, Norman Connors,Tevin Campbell,Indie Arie, Kem ,The Sensational Nightingales, Rance Allen, Monique Walker, continuing his musical journey with a growing Work Enthic Thanks to God 4 the Opportunitys n Success!!

Dion Davis is Currently the Drummer for   www.shaunpeaceband.com "Curently on the Artist 2018  USA Tour" 

Artists/Bands: Dion Davis have Played for and fill in Gig Stats just !

1. Dee & Phenomenal Sounds

2. Zack Bridges & Friends

3. Anthony Rosano & The Conqeroors (Recorded CD) Blues/Jam Band

4. 1 Nation Band

5. Bobby BlackHat Blues Artist

6. Kustom Made

7. The Difference (Recorded Single) "Must Be Love" National Radio Air Play

8. Sesil Jenkins " Marvin Gaye Protégés "National Mainstream Gig"

9. Taylor Built Band

10. Termite "As1 Jazz Band"

11. Levi Little of "Blackstreet" Studio Drummer

12. Hickstown Country Band

13. Brian C Rock Band

14. Riding Dirty 

15. JP3 Trio National Blues Artist Tour with them 2012 & 2014

16. Shed Session Artist

All With Outstanding Recomendation n Referral Great Work Enthic

Dion motto is  "One Band, One Sound.

Thanks to God 4 the Opportunitys n Success!!

Dion Davis : 757.679.2438


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